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Autumn Effect at Argenteuil, 1873

Claude Monet


Ferdinand Hodler - Summer Landscape near Interlaken (1918)

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Jumping the Fence (rear view) - Ostego NY - 1888 - (Via)

Suddenly my dash is flooded with reblogs of this from a blog that reposted it without due credit to the source. Please, please don’t do this!

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  Salvador Dalí  

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“We found an old hotel in downtown L.A. and went inside to shoot in the lobby, but the guy behind the desk wouldn’t let us take photos,” says Henry Diltz. “So we walked outside to shoot in front when I noticed the guy had left the desk and went into the elevator. I told the band to run inside and pose inside the window. I shot one roll of film and we were gone five minutes later.”

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Julia Noni Captures Kenya’s Elite Runners in Nairobi For Nike.

Ready on view at the solo exhibition “Run The Way You Were Meant To” in China at Nike’s new X158 concept store in Shanghai.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Scenescapes. by Hexics on Flickr.

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Happy birthday to the great Charles Chaplin, born today 125 years ago.

Life is never entirely hopeless as long as there are still Chaplin movies in the world…

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